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About Us

Ruth’s Pilates Studio is a full-service Pilates Studio located in Kew Gardens Hills Queens, offering semi-private  & private sessions, duets, and small groups of up to 4 women.

My Approach

Open and non-judgmental. That’s the environment we strive to create at Ruth Studio because whether you’re a regular client or stopping into my studio for the very first time, a dedicated Pilates practice can help you achieve a stronger, happier, and more aligned body and mind.

Getting Started

 At Ruth Studio, each session begins with an assessment of where the body is, both physically and emotionally, on that given day. Doing so enables us to set aside perceived limitations or ideas of how we “should” look or feel. Through a collaborative effort between student and teacher, we work toward empowering our student and teacher, we work toward empowering our students by building strength and flexibility from the inside out.

Setting Goals

For clients who come to our Studio with a specific objective in mind, be it injury rehabilitation or to relieve a particular pain, the initial session will focus on determining strengths, flexibility and movement patterns that may be contributing to misalignment or discomfort. With this mind, we can begin to design a program driven by confidence and balance.

Personal Practice

Every session at Ruth Studio is tailored to the client’s abilities and preferences at the time of their session, combining appropriate movements and techniques geared toward gradual, lasting change..

The Pilates sessions use both TRX & Pilates equipment

Privates and Duet Sessions are 60 minutes. Group classes are 60 minutes

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